Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogger BLOW OUT & Busy Times!

Well, I have been sort of MIA since May 11! Blogger has had it's blow out and I am missing posts from May 6th, why no one knows. I have also been so terribly busy with getting the normal 6 month rechecks done for the kiddos, dentist, doctors, Zach's Eye doctor, Nevaeh is transitioning to Head Start and Zach is transitioning to Kindergarten! Plus I need a root canal.

So many things at one time. Since both the kiddos are Special Needs, they have about a million appointments every 6 months, and some that are every 2 or 4 months, it has hit us that all the appointments came around at the same time for all 3 increments! This wouldn't be a problem, but our second vehicle had a fit and threw out it's tranny! Luckily I live in a town where I can walk to most of the appointments. However, it is quite a hike with the stroller.

At any rate, I hope to get my May 6th posts back up, for the amazing companies Anniewear and bodycology, I feel absolutely terrible that these are missing. I also have my Singer Sew Very Easy Sewing Party from House Party post to do to fill everyone in on all the amazing fun we had. Hopefully I will have some more great giveaways going this week coming! I should have the Winner of the Pocoyo DVD up here shortly, as long as my comments come back.

Also, I am very truly hoping that my Google Friend Connect blogs come back up shortly, it says I am not following any blogs :( and I have just entered giveaways for blogs I know I was already following.



Chatón said...

I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms! Best of luck with your nuptials. Please follow me at: http:chatonsworld.blogspot.com

princessashleey said...

Hey Zabrina! I hope everything's going well, I miss you all. Tell the kids I said hi! (:


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