Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas ~ From Z's Space!


I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Mine has not been easy so far. However, the kids had a great time opening their presents and helping with dinner. My mom and dad were supposed to come down, my dad did stop for a brief moment, but had to head to the hospital to see my mom. Ken's Aunt and cousins joined us for dinner since we had so much food, and it was a good time. Helped ease my thoughts for a while.

My mom was admitted to the local hospital (Clarion Hospital, Clarion, PA) near her home on Wednesday morning. She was then transferred to a larger hospital (Allegheny General Hospital) in Pittsburgh, PA for a heart catheterization. The local hospital decided to hire incompetent EMTs and an ambulance driver to transport her the almost 2 hour trip from that hospital. They were so nicely an hour late arriving to the larger hospital, and my mother was in serious condition, her blood pressure was 240/120, and her oxygen level was terribly low as well as her blood sugar being over 320! She is not even a diabetic and had not eaten anything in over 14 hours, due to being transported so far. I made it down to see her, and she looked terrible. I have been keeping up with her condition via calling the nurses station since she is in the CCU. My dad smuggled the celly in so she could talk to the kiddos briefly. She was terribly upset about missing Christmas with the grand babies. We kept it short and sweet, I could hear her alarms going off in the background, which my dad said they are monitoring her heart rate, respirations, and BP. The kiddos had her excited.

She is currently scheduled for the heart cath on Tuesday and expected to be released a few hours after, however, what was a trip to the hospital for bronchitis turned into a heart attack with terrible results so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys, and thanks for reading.

I do hope your holiday is much more joyous than ours has been.

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