Sunday, October 21, 2012

Parnevu Hair Products Review


I have super thick, frizzy, dry hair. I use all kinds of things to smooth it out, like the humidity control shampoos, the Frizz-ease serum etc... These products are not exactly, inexpensive. My hair is only about shoulder length at this time, but I donate it to Locks Of Love every year. Usually I donate about 12-18 inches, depends on how fast it grew that year. Now add the thickness of my hair plus the coarseness from being dry and frizzy, it is terrible. Healthy hair, but looks terrible. I never have split ends or anything like that, but it just looks bad, and when you run your fingers through it, it is coarse and knotted, unless I use all those extra products out there.

I was very intrigued by these products when I applied to review it, as my hair is so difficult to manage. My results are unbelievable! My hair feels wonderfully smooth and soft, it looks shiny and healthy, and is easy to style and brush. I have only been using these products for about 2 weeks now. I received 3 products from the Extra Dry Line, the Salon Shampoo, After Shampoo Conditioner, and the Leave In Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair. One word to describe these products: AMAZING!

Since this is a more natural product, I was not accustomed to the fragrance, as we all get used to the over bearing scents added to our normal shampoos and conditioners. I am not by any means saying is was unappealing, but it is different when you buy and try all the other products out there, with all the different scents, floral, fruity, perfumey, etc... It just has a slight fragrance, that is very refreshing after you get used to it, it just smells natural. After using these for the 2 weeks, I am sure the pros out weight the cons at any rate.

Usually, the products for extra dry hair make my hair feel, oily and greasy, this is not the case with Parnevu. My hair just feels natural, soft, and managed with these products. I have been going on about them to all my friends and family. I know I am making a switch to these as they are really not anymore expensive (less costly actually!) than the products that I am purchasing at the store.

I did not get to do before and after pictures, but believe me this stuff is amazing, and those who know me, have seen the difference and have asked what I have been using for my hair. You can see a ton of pictures at the PARNEVU Facebook page!


Also I want to mention the T-Tree line also. I have not tried this, but it is available with more information HERE on the Parnevu site.

**Disclosure: I received the above mentioned Parnevu Hair Products for review purposes. No other compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.


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