Monday, February 04, 2013

Education.com - Printable Workbooks for Preschool through 5th Grade at AFFORDABLE Prices!

education.com printable workbooks

Education.com is the go-to destination for involved parents and teachers. From kindergarten readiness through college prep, Education.com gives millions of parents and teachers the information they need to help their kids reach their full potential and get ideas to help make learning fun.

I only apply to advertisers that I believe in, and love their products and practices. Education.com is a great example of the things I love for helping my son. I had used this service before I became an affiliate, and it is amazing for the price. There are a couple options for purchasing, a single workbook can be purchased for $4.99, but they also offer a subscription service that grants access to all workbooks. The yearly subscription is $48 and allows for unlimited downloads of workbooks. The monthly subscription is $4.99/month and allows for 2 workbooks to be downloaded each month.

My son for example, is having such a hard time with the new math, they are giving him all this stuff in only First Grade! He is doing some Geometry work right now, in FIRST GRADE! There are Fun math workbooks from Education.com, as well as many other subjects. Support learning at home with Education.com PLUS and check out the pricing plans and all the benefits included. You can also download a few sheets per month for FREE. So head over and see how Printable workbooks from Education.com make learning fun!



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