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My UpRoar Experience 2011 - Date Day for that year!

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I LOVE CONCERTS! I went to my first concert with some family members from Pittsburgh, when I was 15...now granted, the music I listen to is not the NORM, and at that time, I was in love with ICP...and we went to their concert. I had a blast, and have been hooked on the concert experience since! Before I had my kids, I was attending probably 15-25 concerts a summer! I like a wide range of music, with my favorite being Heavy Metal of course, but I have (as I hate to admit) attended concerts like N*Sync, BackStreet Boys, Madonna, Def Leppard, etc.. I LOVE Madonna, like not "NEW" Madonna but 1980s-1990s Madonna. I do miss the music so much, but as when I go to concerts now, I call home a hundered times because I miss my babies!

This was the first concert I had seen in about 3 years. Ken and I went as I won an Instant Win Game from Bud Light Lime and they had a conflict with the sponsor for the prize, so we received a Visa card for the amount stated in the Official Rules as the max value of the tickets ($120) you could get. LUCKY for me, because it was so close to the concert when the email came in about the change in fulfillment that the lawn Tickets for First Niagra Pavilion were only $10 (of course plus surcharges and such). So we actually attended totally FREE, gas paid for and everything with that Visa card! Plus they were trying to fill the pavilion for A7X and we got in there for FREE!

Screenshot of my winning screen from the IWG!
 photo 278585_2226989123329_4299683_o_zpsc40826aa.jpg

Here are some of the better pictures I got from the concert. I LOVE Avenged Sevenfold as well as Three Days Grace! I had such a blast!

Before we went in to the show.
 photo 317330_2398939381978_83147591_n_zps0fddbfd9.jpg

Seven Dust
 photo 316473_2398943022069_1813561725_n_zpsc9dc3af3.jpg

Bullet For My Valentine
 photo 291883_2398946382153_91262858_n_zps8b4af58c.jpg

 photo 317784_2398947182173_925494252_n_zpsfae7dd8f.jpg

Three Days Grace
 photo 298139_2398951462280_1150944829_n_zps354a2d01.jpg

 photo 308554_2398949102221_1564463047_n_zpsed0ebace.jpg

Avenged Sevenfold!!!!! \m/
 photo 310952_2398956062395_752492791_n_zps04b42b37.jpg

 photo 302898_2398957382428_1900130667_n_zps4cc2d6c1.jpg

 photo 314349_2398957062420_685912516_n_zps59b34810.jpg

Sometimes it does my heart good to reminisce. We usually only get to go out 1 time a year, so when it gets to be BIG like this, I love thinking of the great times Ken and I have had! I love him so much, and what better then to love the same music and long for concerts together lol.


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