Sunday, November 03, 2013

Spending time with my family...

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I have been a little silent for a while now. I have so many things to get done, so much content I wanted to share with all of my wonderful readers. My kid have been having a hard time adjusting since our lil foster girl left, I have been fighting with the school over my daughter's needs, and my son needs a math tutor that I can not afford. Things just build up sometimes, I am sure for everyone, not just myself. So many things have been going on, and I will admit, I just didn't feel like blogging. That may sound terrible, because I LOVE blogging and interacting with all of my wonderful readers, but really, I just did not want to do anything, not just blogging, ANYTHING.

So, my fiancee and I have made some decisions that will hopefully help us out. My wonderful Aunt/God Mother has decided to let us fix up her house that has just been sitting for 4+ years. It is only yards from my parents' house. I have a lot of family up there. I will have a lot of support, especially with a new little one on his way in February. I am having a terrible time with the school here with my daughter mostly, but my son is having issues also, but this school only offers reading tutoring, no math, which is what we need. I am so frustrated with the math they are having him do, to me it is very stupid. All the extra steps for the kids to take only make more margin for error when completing problems. My daughter, is not autistic, but has autistic traits, ie: sensory processing disorder etc... The school is refusing to let her take her tactile therapy things to school because it will distract other students while she uses her fidget toys. So, now my daughter is losing recess, becoming aggressive toward other students, and defying teachers and other staff. Her behavior is carrying over at home also. I have had her evaluated for behavioral therapy and we have had a few sessions, so far only a little progress.

I am beside myself, watching my kids be so unhappy. I mean, all we as parents want for our kids is for them to be happy and healthy right?!? I have been so depressed lately over this whole school thing. My daughter LOVED school for the 2 years she was in Head Start. The school worked with her needs and she never had a problem. Now, my child cries daily to stay home and just do worksheets for me, "Mom I will do whatever you give me - Don't make me go!" (Well, pretty much that is what she says since she has a speech disorder.) My son dreads coming home because of the homework. He doesn't understand it and I don't understand why they do things they way they do... Then I show him different things and his teacher will tell him I am wrong...now how are you supposed to help your child if they are constantly being told you are wrong, and they then lose their trust in your knowledge? I can't even explain the way I have been feeling lately.

I am hoping to finish up several posts I have started over the past few weeks and get in some giveaways. I am really just not with it, and have been spending much needed time with the kids and myself. Hang in there with me everyone! I will back up and running ASAP!

Thanks for reading, and I will keep updates on what is going on! Also, if you have any ideas on what I might be able to do to help my kiddos out, please by all means leave me some comments or email me zcscooby@msn.com! Thanks for listening, I will have somethings up tomorrow!


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