Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Funny Pregnancy Questions from my 5 year old...

So, today we were doing some grocery shopping, and my daughter who is 5, had some very interesting questions for me.  I was not really prepared for these since when I was pregnant with her, my son was only 2 1/2 - 3 years old.  His questions were way different.

Nevaeh starts out:

Q:  Does my baby brother have eyes and ears?

A:  Yes.
Immediately sticks her face onto my belly and yells at him...Can you see me?? Can you hear me??

Q:  Mom, why he not answer me, doesn't he have a mouth?

A:  Yes, he has a mouth, but can't answer you from my belly.

Q:  Can we give him your phone to call us?

A:  No, sorry, there is no way to give the phone to him.  You'll see him very soon.  He won't be able to talk at first, he will cry and laugh though.

Q:  How does he get a bath in there?  How do you change his diaper and his clothes without us seeing?

A:  Well, he gets a bath when mommy does, and he doesn't have diapers or clothes right now.

Q:  Ewe so he is naked????  All the time, in your belly?????? (Very inquisitive facial expression)

A:  Yes honey, he has no clothes or anything in there.  We will give him all the things we bought for him when he is born.

Q: Oh geez, is he ever gonna come out and meet me and Zach (the older brother he is 8 now)??

A:  Yes, he is coming around Valentine's Day. He will be so excited to meet his big brother and big sister!

Q:  Does he ask you about me?

A:  Baby girl...he can't talk right now.  He has to learn to talk after he is born.

Q:  So, he's not going to play with me when he gets here?

A:  I am sure he will...he just has to grow a while before he can play.

This was a fun conversation while in Wal-Mart...


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