Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reminiscing Through Music...Wow MEMORIES!

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Early this morning while I was stuck in bed, having the worst contractions ever, I read through a post that a friend of mine shared about 90's music. It really took me back to a certain time in my life for each song. They all reminded me of something, someone, an event, whether it was good or bad. For some reason Music makes the memories sweet no matter what the circumstances were for that memory. Below I comprised a list of old songs I listened to as a kid or teenager that brought back so many memories. Also, there is a significant change in my music tastes from then till now!

I figured I would just do these as they came to mind.

First up is one that I heard on this list this morning. It takes me back to when my first boyfriend broke up with me. O Town, had this hit All or Nothing (2000)...man I believe I was not the only girl who played this over and over.

That then brought me to another one that I played over and over with tears running for weeks. Allure - All Cried Out (1997)

I am the biggest tom-boy ever, so when I finally was into a boy, and had feelings other than just my normal hunting, 4-wheeling, fishing buddy, it was HUGE for me. I honestly had a very hard time with that since we were together for 2 years, and he was my first "love".

We had a beautiful song for the time, lol, Back Street Boys - I Want It That Way (1999) (sick I know lol). I mean it was the song on the radio when we shared our first kiss.

We had spoken of getting married someday...The song I loved for that was Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More (1999). It was also our homecoming song that year.

Then I was thinking about songs that made me happy. Maybe for no reason, but they are positive memories.

My dad was in love with Paula Abdul, I a sure like most guys then. Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract (1989). Makes me feel like a kid dancing in the living room.

Every girl my age had to love NKOTB! New Kids On The Block - Step By Step (1990)

Then I thought about Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (1991) And how I thought Kevin Costner was the hottest guy alive in Robin Hood.

Or how much I loved him in The Bodyguard... Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (1999)

And I loved hearing this song over and over and belting it out before school on MTV - when they still has MUSIC on there. Meatloaf - I Would Do Anything For Love (1993)

Oh my goodness, who could forget the AMAZING voices of Boyz II Men?!? They had so many I loved, however, I am pretty sure On Bended Knee (1994) was my fav at the time.

Just a Friday night slumber party?!? Get out the Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (1995)

Singing with the girls at those slumber parties?!? Spice Girls - WannaBe (1996)

Wow, I had so much fun going through these. Maybe I will do another one of these. Going back brings smiles to my face. With the baby coming in 13 days, I have been pretty down and out because I can't do much and I am supposed to be on bed rest. Sure tell my 2 kiddos with special needs that. Hoping to get feeling better real soon and get back to blogging full time!


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