Saturday, November 19, 2011

American Family Insurance : Stand Up For Family

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"American Family Insurance Stand Up For Family Comedy Special, hosted by Bill Bellamy, features some of today's hottest comedians providing entertainment for the entire family. Inspired by experiences from their own families, the performers offer their own perspectives on daily life with loved ones, finding the humor that we all can relate to. Stand Up For Family is a non-stop laugh-aloud showcase perfect for families of all ages to enjoy, and it is designed to align with American Family Insurance’s commitment to supporting and adding value to consumers’ lives."

I watched all the videos and laughed so much.  I really enjoyed them.  I always think comedy specials about family are funny because most people can relate to some kind of family joke.  I think my favorite videos were Mark Viera, he described how grandma would give the speech before entering the store, "Don't ask me for a thing..." I remember those words loud and clear from my grandpa, even though he would break down and usually get us something, we still got that speech every time.  He also talked about his 15 year old son and wanting an upgrade on his cell phone, plus the teen attitude, I am 6 years older than my brother, and I remember his teens!  He was the same way.  I think all teenagers are, however, we usually don't remember ourselves acting that way, and he denies it.  I think this is a great way to talk about family, through laughter.  We all love our family, and we all have to love the situations that come along with them.  Everyone have that crazy grandma or  uncle.  These videos truly reminded me of my childhood.  I enjoyed watching them all.  These videos are by AmFam.  They are an amazing effort on their part to bring the fun of family to the screen.

This truly is stand up that anyone can enjoy, even my 6 year old had mentioned, mom you say that to me, especially like Bill Bellamy said, when we go to our friends' house, you don't touch anything, you don't jump on the furniture, and you ARE NOT hungry.  It was funny to hear my 6 year old, pretty much telling me I am just like my parents... and you always say you will not be like them.

One thing I would like to share is about my kids.  I have a son (6) and a daughter (3).  They are both amazed at my "Special Powers" my son calls them.  Just from being at home with them all the time, when they are doing something bad, I know by the sounds I hear.  My son was playing with a little plastic football in the kitchen the other day, and I was vacuuming in the living room.   I turned off the vacuum and said "Zach, there is no football in the kitchen!"  He then replied "Wow, mom you have super powers, you saw me through the whole house!"  I think it is so funny, they really can't get away with much since I know the sounds of their mischievousness.  I can hear what they are doing, and they don't even realize that is how I know.  When they get older I will break the news that I do not have super powers.

If you are looking for some laughs, head over to Stand Up For Family and watch the videos, none of them are too long, just enough to crack you up.  As consumers you can head over to http://www.amfam.com and check out their products or find an agent to help you with your choices.

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