Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Season Two on DVD May 22, 2012!!


In Seventeen Ain't So Sweet, Jane heads to her high school reunion and brings along Maura. The fun is cut short after a series of murders take place all involving fellow students. Jane is forced to focus on the past to help solve the case when she realizes that everyone in her class is a potential suspect. Have you ever experienced a time or situation when you called upon your past to better your future and solve a problem?

Of course, we can't all live in the film strip, so my story is not nearly as dramatic as Jane's, but there have been several friends/acquaintances that have passed away over the years, from my class, we graduated in 2001. It was hard to reach people that I really never did honestly associate with, but since I was one of the only ones that still lived in that area, I did my best to make sure the closest friends were found and notified, I mean even if they were not close at all anymore, they were still glad someone took time to at least let them know. It was a lot easier to remember certain details after speaking to different people.

On another note, I like to say that I use my past all the time to help my future. I was always taught, you learn from the past to help control mistakes in the future. It was also said to me that the past repeats itself, and if it happened once, then you can use that knowledge for a better outcome if that situation arises again. I look at that a lot, as my grandfather gave me those words of wisdom. I mean, yeah I have made mistakes since he had told me that, but I can decide to take a different path if that situation arises again for, hopefully a better outcome. I believe that it probably the best advice I have used through out my life. That and, what doesn't kill, only makes you stronger...

Preorder the DVD at: http://bit.ly/ISlEkF
It will be available 5/22!

Don't forget the season premiere June 5th @ 9/8c on TNT!


**Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Rizzoli & Isles Season Two on DVD.

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