Monday, June 11, 2012

ReadingEggs.com Where Children Become Great Readers! - Review


I am sure you have all figured out by now, I love to teach my kids. I love doing activities with them that are engaging and fun, but educational at the same time. At this time my son is into video games. I mean like he would sit there all day if we let him. I like to give him computer time, but the software I have is really outdated, and when I find something I think he would like, it is very expensive anymore.

I found this awesome site, ReadingEggs.com! Reading Eggs is an Online Learn to Read Program that is super fun and utilizes fun games as well as skill building activities, and even some tests! Another feature I loved about this program is the playroom. Honestly, I get the fact that kids are easily distracted. I get distracted when trying to complete tasks, but for a child, I am sure it is very difficult. In the Playroom there are so many fun little breather activities for between lessons, or it the child just wants to play around, you can make these educational in someway. My daughter's favorite part was the Kitchen, you can make soup, pizza, a fruit salad, and an ice cream sundae! My son's favorite activity is the playmat, there are a few fun little things there, keep the bear bouncing on the trampoline, pop balloons, bounce bouncing balls through the slot, and spell out words with blocks that look like old style wooden blocks.

For the program itself, I found it to be super helpful for my kids. My daughter is kind of small still (only 3) but my son was having trouble with some sight words through out the year. This really helped him out. He gets discouraged very easily since he has the problems with his eyes. This was a fun way to let him keep trying with out feeling down, this is a very bright and cheerful program. He felt very comfortable with the lessons and had a blast while learning.

I am hoping to get to use this more after our move to the new house, since our internet situation will be messed up for a while due to installation wait time... However, I definitely recommend this program for any child who is in need of a learning boost, or just needs something fun to keep them focused. I am sure this would be an excellent program for all children.

**Disclosure: I received a 90 trial to ReadingEggs.com for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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