Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am finally moved and back online!!

So, this move has definitely not been easy. My daughter has her therapies 2 days a week, my son has baseball in our old town, and we moved from a tiny 3 bedroom house in the city to a huge 3200 square ft farm house about 12 miles out of town. I love all the room. I love the serenity. I however, miscalculated time for grass mowing, normal tidy up the house time, and now we have to leave 25 minutes early for appointments in town now, instead of 5-10 minutes. I am sure once the routine gets down we will be on an awesome path to happiness.

My kids have done nothing but run around this land at the new house and play, get dirty, and fish in the pond for the 2 weeks we have been trying to move in and get situated. I refused to cancel Nevaeh's therapies because she is out of school now and she needs that. Let mom take it all in stride I guess. My kids have never had so much fun or freedom for that matter. When I was young, I grew up in the middle of nowhere, 3 miles either way to the nearest gas station, and McDonald's was 35 minutes away! I grew up near Foxburg, PA and Parker, PA (which is the smallest city in the USA, you can look it up). We had our own 5 acres right on the Allegheny River and I had four wheelers, boats, dirt bikes, etc... However, when you always have things it is easy to become "numb" to the real world, I guess I could put it that way.

I truly hated that place. Being so far out from everything and everyone. I could not wait to get to the city. Most of us from that area were all the same way, most head to Pittsburgh, PA some to Erie, PA, and a few out of state. After 4 years in the "Burgh" I had enough. Traffic, no silence EVER, the most rude people I have ever encountered, everything is super over priced, and it just became a hassle every day to get to where I needed to be and do what needed done. I realized, I love where I grew up, and as much as I told my parents I hated it there and was angry for living there, I would now like to eat my words, and say THANKS mom and dad, for caring for us (My brother and I) and giving us those country roots.

I am only a few miles out of Butler, PA now, but, WOW, this place is beautiful. We have 33 acres of happiness, a huge house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a fireplace in the dining room, and best of all, adult game room in the basement, you know for that occasional kids are sleeping lets shoot some pool weekends (there is an imported pool table there the guy left from Italy! as well as a card playing booth, and darts, and my FAV ping pong table!!!)

I have some complaints about Butler. For starters, the people who moved in next to us were heroine addicts. Yep I just said that in the blog world. They lost their children to the Children Youth Services, had people in and out all hours of the day and night, fighting constantly, and causing me grief. I had lived in that house for 2 years, with the occasional issue from the apartments across the alley, but this is where I drew the line. I had my children, my world, my reason for living, in that house, and they are over there throwing parties, leaving unwanted trash (if you know what I mean) all through their yard, they also had a dog which they never cleaned up after and my entire dining room of all places as well as the back patio smelled like dog feces. This woman was to get her child back from the CYS, they were having visits there 3 times a week or so...I called and spoke to that case worker, she DID NOT CARE what I had to say. I see no evidence of these things therefore I can not document it. I was infuriated! How can you swear to protect a child then release that child back into a house loaded with drugs and conflict. I am at a loss over this situation. We had to leave.

My kids are my world, and I would not subject them to that behavior any longer. We spent every penny we had literally, to get them out of there. I swear if we could not have afforded the move, I would have went back to my parents, as much as I hate trying to be a parent with grandma and grandpa telling me how to do everything, it would have been better for my kids.

I know I have been really quiet on here lately. I am usually sending you all awesome news, product reviews, as well as community and local events and giveaways, but the situation at the other place, had me in a bad depression. I just got my internet and everything installed on Friday. We spent all weekend putting things away, sorting everyone's clothes, setting up the desk for my little office, and etc... Plus, I have been relaxing, yep, I said it RELAXING. At night here all you can see is the stars in the sky through the tree tops, and all you hear are bull frogs and crickets. I will sit out there on the deck for hours and just take it all in. No traffic, no stupid neighbors, no conflict, just serenity! I am so in love! Here is a small slide show of my new found happiness!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more great things to come now that all is moving on and I will have more time and best of all, the internet!

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