Friday, June 07, 2013

It's been a while...

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I have some awesome updates! Our little foster girl is transitioning to her mother's care! This is great since lil girl needs her mom and brother. My daughter was done with school on May 22, but the other 2 just finished on Wednesday 6/5. We have been super busy. But remember:

 photo busy_zps6b847ca7.jpg

I have been taking much needed family time the past 2-3 weeks. As well as attending the appointments for the kids, school functions, and doing some fun things here with them.

We have been watching some frogs at the pond, check out how cool it is that we found the eggs, and then kept checking back until they were tadpoles. We will head to the pond today and see if we have any legs and lost any tails yet! The kids have loved this experiment. Just one more reason I love my farm house in the middle of nowhere!

 photo 246635_10201024830692047_805288827_n_zps1f427146.jpg
 photo 920916_10201240917934093_1282522420_o_zps219cd69c.jpg
 photo 964878_10201240918454106_1330670429_o_zps8f04092c.jpg

Here is a caterpillar we found and it is changing to a butterfly! Plus some turkeys that visit just about everyday, 2 gobblers and 2 hens.

 photo 474774_10201240916054046_410308172_o_zps45530f1a.jpg
 photo 966554_10201216529084387_1602089567_o_zps06ab9e10.jpg
 photo 965424_10201216531684452_2074255188_o_zps9f00d9e4.jpg

We had some issues with the terrible weather here in PA, windy windy windy, I still have trees to clean up and cut!

 photo 522006_10200899592521171_1663956627_n_zpsfe0e305a.jpg
 photo 68901_10200899580000858_1604980050_n_zpsc2e6c5ff.jpg

Since all the things with the foster kid happened so fast after we moved in, we never got to do any of the updates to the farm house that we had planned prior to moving in. Here are a couple things we have done in the past few weeks! Painting the bathroom, decorating the kitchen, trying to keep put the critters (man country living isn't exactly how I remember it lol).

 photo 529510_10200947610001578_560573583_n_zpsf2e3cc10.jpg
 photo 164641_10200940221296865_1974364854_n_zpsf18d2549.jpg

Everyone did so well in school. Nevaeh went on to Kindergarten! Zachary is being promoted to Second grade and received outstanding achievement award for going from failing in the beginning of the school year to passing with a b average! Trinity in 5 months learned her colors, shapes, alphabet, count to 10 and how to write her name! I am so proud of these guys. We are having a celebration cook out tomorrow for them inviting a bunch of family and having cake and ice cream after dinner!

 photo 976872_10201234211246430_1981012867_o_zpsd29c7197.jpg
 photo 976893_10201216445122288_610390009_o_zps86bd7700.jpg

Nevaeh got her ears pierced!

 photo 967311_10201192587205855_1628242155_o_zps2274429e.jpg
 photo 467713_10201193633872021_1485682740_o_zps14db6266.jpg

We got to attend Kids' Day America 2013 and the kid road horses, played games, and had a blast! We also had a fire the first warm night and the kids enjoyed smores. We made a few pinterest projects, including the cardboard tube flowers below, which they later painted and added glitter to! Plus we set up the sand box. All the while making sure the grass has been cut once per week at least (this takes 6-8 hours!) in the yard and field we use as well as around the pond.

 photo 943311_10201124332859539_1269945931_n_zpsddca2d65.jpg
 photo 945264_10201124327739411_133274013_n_zps1608a250.jpg
 photo 263265_10201124322619283_991418921_n_zps40c9b3d2.jpg

 photo 555777_10200920015671737_2079977101_n_zpsefa1b6fd.jpg
 photo 625514_10200920023031921_904088601_n_zps837fd684.jpg

 photo 264469_10201149164840323_377432443_n_zps132054e8.jpg

 photo 980408_10201194596416084_974654105_o_zps02b22c48.jpg

There have been a few other things, but my camera is in my car, which the fiancee has today so I can't upload them, I got these from my personal Facebook page and off of my new cell phone. There was a nice fun day/race day held at our elementary school which I signed up the kids to attend. They have a blast. After the race, they played games and won prizes. Lil girl's mom was able to attend too, and she had her first overnight visit afterward!

We then went to Chuck E Cheese's which I posted a little rant on FB about since I was so looking forward to taking the day out with just my kids, and they were terrible, we even went out to lunch at McDonald's like they asked to. We have gone out to the mall several times, just to walk around and see what is on sale. Man I am so happy to be back on the blog and getting reviews and giveaways up for you all. I have a wonderful Hasbro review for the new Bejeweled coming up so stay tuned!

Have a great Friday everyone. I will definitely be posting more later on.


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