Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just a little update...pregnancy and stuff.

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I know millions of women everyday are pregnant. Some people love to be pregnant. However, I have had some bad reactions to pregnancy. Granted, I love knowing I have a little mini person in my womb, but the little plum sized fetus is making me extremely sick! I had a fantastic pregnancy with my first (my son). No issued what so ever. Didn't even gain over 7 lbs until my last month, then it looked like I swallowed a basketball lol. I had a hard pregnancy with my daughter though. They thought I had an aneuresym in my brain. I had no diagnosable symptoms, as none of them went together at all. My blood pressure is always good (knock on wood) however, every time I would sit up, stand up, move to fast, etc... my blood pressure your shoot up really high, then drop really low, causing me to pass out and get really bad headaches. I went to like 8 specialists during her pregnancy and never found out why. But all symptoms stopped after her birth, so all I got was - this was pregnancy related...no diagnosis.

So far with this little one, I was so exhausted, I mean like CAN NOT MOVE AT ALL tired. Had some blood drawn to find out my iron level was dangerously low, like under 3 and I suppose it is supposed to be between 11 and 15 while pregnant! Also, my platelets are super low, and they can't figure it out. No other tests are coming back with a positive to give me a reason. This past week or so, as you all have noticed (I have been posting YES!!) I have felt pretty good. Got my iron up to 9.6!

I have had cervical cancer before, and my mom was diagnosed at the age of 27 with breast cancer...so I have been getting Mammograms every year since I turned 18 because of ongoing forming lumps, which they call fibrocystic breat disease. No biggie, yeah I can't shop at Victoria's Secret for great bras with 2 way different sizes breasts, but oh well, sports bras are more comfy any ways :P However, a 8 weeks into the pregnancy (I am 12/13 weeks now) I found a pea sized lump. Nothing to worry about boobs change during pregnancy, we all who have kids know this. Within 2 weeks of that this wee little nuisance has become a little bigger than a bouncy ball you would get out of the quarter machine at the grocery store. That is kind of scary.

I has an ultrasound a week or so ago, and they said it was just a cluster of my cysts becoming enlarged with the pregnancy...but wanted me to have a consult with a surgeon to make sure. Well, today was that appointment... He didn't see concerned, besides how fast it grew and that it was still growing, and that there is strong family history of the cancer. So we agreed to do a biopsy. I didn't realize we were doing it right then and there in the office, as my fiancee waited in the waiting room with my 2 kids and our foster girl, so he could just head to work. After they were done, I was like not to bad after all. However, after that medication wore off LOOK OUT SISTER! It feels like someone kicked me in my ribs! Not to mention lifting my arm up to get things in the kitchen, do laundry or dishes. Anyone else been through this sort of thing during pregnancy? I would love to hear your comments. Of course they have to keep me waiting until August 2nd to find out the results, but I am praying for GOOD NEWS.

Our little foster girl is leaving August 14th to go back with her family! I am sure this will be hard on my family, missing her, and so on, but she needs a mom, her mom. No matter how much we give her we are still not her parents, just her Uncle and Aunt (in Law I guess). Things will slow up a lot after she is relocated also, as 8 appointments a week are removed from our schedule. I have been struggling for this past year to keep the blog going. I am so grateful for everyone who has stuck by me, friends, family, followers who have landed here, fellow bloggers, YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!


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