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Mayhem Festival 2012 - Slipknot - and I got Corey Taylor's Autograph!!!!!!!

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The other day I posted about UpRoar 2011. I had an absolute blast, but NO concert experience tops my Mayhem 2012! It was Kick Ass, at the least. Every band that was there played their hearts out and it was a great experience. I purchased Slipknot's greatest hits album "Antennas To Hell", and a bracelet for a chance to shake the man's hand and get a signed poster! I missed a lot of bands, I mean I could hear them playing, but I was in line fro 2 hours, for the Meet N Greet for Clown, Chris Fehn, and of course MY LOVE Corey Taylor...When my fiancee comes to me and says "You are going to miss the all the bands waiting here. Why not go up front snap some pics of Corey and listen to some music?" There was a youngster there behind me with his father who was also determined to come face to face with the master of metal! However, the security people came around and said the boy had to leave the line because he had no bracelet, the man said, "Dude you have to purchase the cd and you only get one...what would you like me to do with him? Why would we need 2 of the same cds?" I looked to my fiancee, as the boy started to tear up, and we nodded to each other. I said "Wait wait, the boy can have my bracelet, I will just go snap some pics and have some drinks!"

Revolver Magazine Cover For Mayhem 2012
 photo final_rev_july_aug_2012_cover_grande_zps2cd10ff4.jpg

Feeling down as I would not get to shake the hand of the man I admired, I sucked it up and ran up the hill to the tent where the meet and greet was taking place. My fiancee pushed me through straight to the gate, and I was face to face with Corey, well I was only about 20 feet away at the fence. I snapped some pics, which to my dismay, after we got home, I realized they were BLURRY from the rain and people pushing and shoving. CRIED MY EYES OUT!! Anyways, there was this huge security guard handing over the signed posters to the people as they walked by...in my tipsy state, I was screaming at him, "Hey Big Dude!!!! Can't I get a poster?!?!?" He points to his wrist and says "Where's your bracelet?" I said "I gave it to a kid I swear, here is the cd I purchased it!!!" which I held up waving it around frantically since I had really gotten his attention... Corey Taylor was right next to him, he looks up to him, nods his head and points to me with a poster signed by all 3 and the big guy brought it over to me.

My fiancee and I before Motorhead
 photo 564602_4317186936968_1152529868_n_zps190134b9.jpg

Me with my framed prize!
 photo 525418_10201078768320454_1240983356_n1_zpse57f7b79.jpg

I let out screams like a 12 year old girl at a Bieber concert! The people around me were like OMG he really gave her one! This poster went through hell that day, since I received it at like 3 pm and the concert never let out until almost midnight, but I seriously cradled the thing all day, ran out of the rain paid $7 for a poncho to cover it with!!!

Meet & Greet Tent
 photo 208975_4317174256651_1199220875_n_zps5403ab33.jpg

Clown and Chris Fehn Signing Posters
 photo 394721_4317175376679_1191849685_n_zps691832ae.jpg

Corey Taylor Signing Posters
 photo 315309_4317181936843_1254380730_n_zps96baf5df.jpg

After that I had a blast listening to some of my favorite bands!

White Chapel
 photo 557928_4317166456456_1111291464_n_zpsa6371cf6.jpg

The Devil Wears Prada
 photo 526547_4317169936543_897351551_n_zpsad5bee84.jpg

First Niagra Pavilion while setting up for the bigger bands.
 photo 303747_2398940382003_408600622_n_zpsb1ee2808.jpg

Dimebag Darrell's Bus Of Promos!
 photo 315909_2398937381928_516119771_n_zpsdd11867f.jpg

 photo 487231_4317187736988_251923583_n_zps27988984.jpg

 photo 396781_4317188937018_1783320422_n_zpsf90425cb.jpg

Of course by the time Slipknot came on stage, it was dark, and I was too far away to get good pictures, but I snapped this semi clear one of the screen with Corey on it!

 photo 561368_4317261378829_1468316712_n_zps7c5978c4.jpg

I really can't wait for Slipknot to decide when to reveal their new plans for a new album and tour! Corey has been busy with Stone Sour all over the world on tour and attending over seas award ceremonies. Man I just can't hardly wait to see them again, absolutely my favorite time.

I would post about my other concerts, but really all I have are the ticket stubs, years ago they would take your cameras at the gate and tell you no photos or videos inside :( I wish I could've had even these little pieces of memories. I also scrap booked them all too! It was actually easier than I thought to find scrap book materials for Rock pages lol.


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