Sunday, March 20, 2011

15 Minutes Outside By: Rebecca P. Cohen


I was so excited to receive this book and have the chance to do some of the activities with my kids. This book is amazing. I love doing things with my kids, and if I can get them outside to do it then that is even better. The main thing I liked about this book is it was written by someone who knows a lot about the outdoors.

The book takes the weather for certain seasons into consideration, but still give you great fun activities to do with your family. The main thing I loved about this book is that I didn't have to search online parenting sites for new ideas, or better ways to do the activities. It was all layed out fun, fast and easy!

I recommend this book for any parent who is looking for ways to get their family out of the house and do something fun and interesting. Since it is spring, we decided to plant some flowers in pots to plant when it is warmer out, and we made a bird house. I am sure that we will utilize this book for many seasons to come for great ideas on many different activities.

There was even a section in the book on how to make your own compost pile, which I loved the idea, however, since we have moved to the city, I think the smell would be a little annoying. If we still lived in the country with my parents on our own 5 acres of country land, we could have picked a corner somewhere and went at it! In the chapter for March, there are so many things I never would have thought of, and some my kids love to do but are in trouble for...Like mud prints...I make them stay out of the mud, but after reading the fun that can be had with a little mud...we have changed our ways! I also loved the idea of an adventure book, which was inspired by the movie Up. This is a book that we put pictures of places we want to go and explore. It works great for the imagination with my kids!

My over-all impression of this book, it is a great addition to our home, and I feel privileged to have all the amazing information and activities it holds inside. Anyone who loved to have great experiences with their kids should have this book!

**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Sourcebooks to review. I have given my honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

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