Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Time flies! Kindergarten Registration & More for Parents!

Well this week is going to be really tough for me. My son is heading to Kindergarten, and we have all the dentist appointments and doctors appointments scheduled. I attended the Kindergarten Orientation, and it finally hit me, my little boy is really going to school!

I guess we all then call our parents and give them the story, and they then tell us they did the same thing when it was our turn for Kindergarten. My daughter is heading off to Head Start this fall also, I am not sure what to do with my self for these 5-6 hours a day all by myself in sanity, yes I mean IN sanity not insanity :)

I was chatting with my cousin, who is a bit older than I am, but her baby is going to be graduating next school year and is ready to attend college. He does however, have to take his SATs which he may need ACT Tutoring. After speaking to her, I am glad we are only at the elementary level! I am definitely not ready for my babies to be going to college.

I will be sure to keep up my finger painting, play-doh, holiday craft making, and scrapbooking as long as they will allow! These are my favorite things about being a mom with little ones in school. I love passing knowledge on to my kids. As they get older the more I can pass on. I do have about 6 years of medical school under my belt, so hopefully when it comes time for their SATs and possible ACT Tutoring, I will be as much help as possible. Until then... we will still have crayola!

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