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Parent's Choice Review & Giveaway (US ONLY) 8/14/11


Parent's Choice formulas are only available at Walmart. Parent's Choice offers a range of formulas that meet all FDA standards, just like the national brands, but at a price that is significantly less!

I know that times are hard, and formula is definitely expensive! However, Parent's Choice has a line of formulas and feeding products that are a great value and yet offer the qualities of the national brands. I live in Pennsylvania, where we have the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program which helps provide healthy foods for families who qualify financially. They only provide one brand of formula in various types, such as Soy, added rice, etc... Generally they provide about 10 cans a month to infants until the age of 12 months. However, if you do not qualify and have to purchase your own formula, I trust Parent's Choice to offer my child the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for growth and development that my child needs.

Of course always ask your doctor before switching formulas, and if he/she gives the go ahead, please do try the Parent's Choice Brand from Walmart. There are different types of formula for each child's needs, and you can compare the infant formula to the national brands. If you check here, you can see the many types of formula offered by Parents Choice and see how they stand up next to the national brands in a side by side comparison. Of course all brand names are registered trademarks of the manufacturing company.

The different types include:
* Premium Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil® Premium™ LIPIL®.
* NeoCare™ Baby Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Similac Expert Care™ NeoSure®.
* Advantage™ Formula
- Compare to the nutrition of Similac® Advance®.
* Gentle® Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil® Gentlease® LIPIL®.
* Sensitivity® Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Similac Sensitive®.
* Soy-Based Formula - Compare to the nutrition of ProSobee® LIPIL® and Isomil® Advance®.
* Added Rice Starch Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Enfamil A.R.® LIPIL®.
* Organic Formula - Made with organic milk.
* Advantage® Ready To Feed Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Similac® Advance®.
* Toddlers and Older Infants Formula - Compare to the nutrition of Enfagrow™ Premium ™ Next Step® LIPIL® & Similac Go & Grow®.

Parent's Choice also offers a complete nurser system, that compares to Playtex®. The starter set come complete with:
2 - 4 fl oz Nursers
3 - 8 fl oz Nursers
2 - Slow flow silicone nipples
1 - Medium flow silicone nipple
2 - Fast flow silicone nipples
5 - 4 fl oz liners
5 - 8 fl oz liners
5 - Leak proof caps
5 - Retainer rings

And have the advantages of:
Easy to clean
System designed for use with collapsible liners
Durable silicone nipples available in a variety of flow speeds to meet baby’s feeding needs
Top rack dishwasher safe

Paren't Choice Information:
Providing your infant with outstanding nutrition at an affordable price is important – and with Parent’s Choice Infant Formula, Walmart’s store brand, you can get high quality infant formula at a great value.

For 13 years, Parent’s Choice Infant Formula has helped parents like you to save approximately $600 a year on average* per infant, by offering a store brand formula with the nutritional equivalence of national brands for half the cost.

See how much you can save when choosing Parent’s Choice Infant formula by checking out the Parent's Choice $avings Calculator to compare Parent's Choice infant formulas to national brands. It’s no wonder why more and more parents are switching to store brand formula.

Did you know?
* In the US, all infant formulas are subject to the same regulations for manufacture and ingredients required for the growth of healthy babies under the Infant Formula Act.
* Store brand formulas sold at major retailers are a premium national substitute at a value price and meet the same FDA nutritional requirements as all of the major brands.
* The quality and safety of the manufacturing of infant formulas are also inspected by the FDA in the same way.

Now, Parent’s Choice in partnership with PBM Nutritionals, the largest manufacturer of store-brand infant formulas and nutrition products, is helping one family and one student save even more with the “Parent’s Choice Infant Formula” Sweepstakes.

One lucky winner will receive a $10,000 college scholarship in the form of a College Savings 529 Plan. From now until 11:59pm on August 15th, 2011 you can choose to increase your little one’s chances of attending the college of his or her choice, by “liking” Parent’s Choice Infant Formula here on Facebook and filling out the simple form here. Visit this link for official sweepstakes rules.

*Total savings with Parent's Choice Infant Formula calculations based on a price per fl oz comparison of Parent's Choice Infant Formulas and their comparable national brands.

You can also request a sample of Parent's Choice Infant Formula here!

Now here is the awesome part!
Parent's Choice has generously offered on lucky reader the same Parent's Choice pack I received!



Your prize pack will contain:
* 12.9 oz can of Parent’s Choice Premium to try
* 12.4 oz can of Parent’s Choice Advantage to try
* Two $3.00 off coupons for Parent’s Choice Infant Formula (redeemable at all Walmart stores)
* Parent’s Choice Starter Set – a complete nurser system that includes a variety of bottles, nipples, liners, leak proof caps and retainer rings

**Disclosure: The Parent’s Choice Infant Formula product sample, information, and giveaway have been provided by Parent’s Choice through MyBlogSpark.


Miranda said...

Parent's Choice baby formulas are exclusively available at Walmart


Lindsey Lee said...

Parent's Choice baby formulas are Kosher, do not contain eggs and do not contain preservatives.

Nice :)

Almost Crazy Coupon Lady said...

I learned that they make soy formula, that they make ready to feed small bottles, and all about their nurser drop in system

Mindi said...

Families can save $600 a year by switching to Parent's Choice Formula!

paulasue said...

Hi, I learned that I could save $715.73 per year by switching to Parent's Choice..wow what a savings! Paula C. paulasue39@yahoo.com


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