Thursday, August 04, 2011

Top Five Myths Bankruptcy

Top Five Myths Bankruptcy

As consumer debt has skyrocketed to over $3 Trillion, many believe the only way out from under the mountain of bills is to declare bankruptcy. But is it right for you? Many myths persist to misinform the public.

“Probably the worst myth about bankruptcy is that you need to be flat broke before you should file,” says Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald B. Glazer. “It is not good to wait until creditors are knocking on your door,” according to Glazer. Planning can prepare you for a bankruptcy that causes the least amount of financial disruption.

You can watch a short video here for all five Myths! I found this video to be useful and full of pertinent information for someone who is filing bankruptcy. Since I am in this boat and have done some posting on this issue, I thought those who were still looking for information would like to see the video and get some more information.

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