Friday, September 30, 2011

Zippies "The Pals That Hang Around" Review & Giveaway (US ONLY) 10/20/11

Here is an amazingly fun, yet very useful product that I happy to bring to my readers! These cute little guys, called Zippies, identify your children's things and help stop the spread of germs. Now as most of you know, I went to medical school, so I am a germ freak. I dislike those microscopic little villains. I do however, love how Zippies can prevent spreading these little creatures between children.


Here is a great example of spreading germs. At my son's birthday party, we had bottled water, of course all the same brand, but the kiddos kept setting their bottles down and couldn't remember which was theirs. If we all had Zippies, we would then definitely know! Another example is at schools, in the gyms or at events, where bottled beverages are offered, you can hang your Zippy form the neck of the bottle and know which is yours definitely. I love how Zippies can also be used as an ID tag, like on my son's book bag. He loves his Chip Zippy, and keeps it on the zipper of his back pack and then puts it on his beverage and knows immediately which one is his. It is so fun to have a little pal that does you a favor! LOVE THEM!

There are currently 10 different Zipies to choose from. Tazmo, Chip, Faina, Kayla, Bruno, Paco, Flops, Edge, Wally, and Ranger. You can Meet the Zippies here. Each one has a cute little story.

I received 5 Zippies, and we LOVE them! I am happy there is such a practical and useful product on the market, and for a good reason. I have been recommending these to my friends and family since I received them the other day! My friend brought up the question "What if 2 children have the same Zippy?" I replied, happily, "You can write your child's name on the back of the tag, and you can even fit a phone number if your child accidentally leaves their pal behind." I don't see my kiddos leaving theirs because they think they are awesome. Even my daughter who is 3, gets hers from her back pack and brings it to me when she gets a water or other bottle, juice, Kool-Aid, etc... they are adjustable, so they fit on pretty much any bottle out there!

Another thing I love about Zippies, they are super sturdy, they are very well constructed. I like this because we know children tend to be not so nice to fragile things. Not on purpose, but just because they are kids. I like where they attach to the clip how strong the rubber loop is, I actually expected my children to rip them off the first time they were attemtping to use them. This is not the case! These are very high quality and well constructed rubber tags. The clips they are attached to are very sturdy too, as well as the band that is adjustable for the bottle necks. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of these products.

You can join the Zippies Club for exclusive benifits, play the build your own Zippy game, or read what other moms are saying also! Zippies can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Below there is a YouTube Video from the Zippies YouTube Channel.

Buy Them:
Zippies can be purchased from the Zippes Store here!
You can purchase the entire set of 10 for $29.95, or 2 different 5 packs for $15.95. Zippies may be purchased individually for $3.99 each and the best part, great prices and FREE SHIPPING!


Win Them!

One lucky reader will win a 5 pack of Zippies! Enter the easy Rafflecopter form below!

**Disclosure: I received a 5 pack of Zippies for review purposes. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


CT Mom said...

I;d love to win these for my dtr.

Jessica said...

I love these, they look so neat. My daughter wouls love them.


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