Friday, December 16, 2011

Phix Natural Energy/Sleep Drink Review & Giveaway 1/3/12 (US ONLY)


Phix is a company that produces Natural Energy Drink Powders & Sleep Aids. Their belief is that: We can all live healthier and more energized lives. I know, being a mom with 2 special needs children, life itself is tiring. Not including work or errands, just life. With my children, my day is non stop. My son has some major behavior problems, he I believe, has obsessive compulsive disorder, however has not been diagnoses. My daughter has no expressive communication due to a phonologic/sensory/processing disorder that we are in the process of diagnosing. However, all the simple daily things we all do for ourselves, I do for 3 people, the bathing, teeth brushing, meal times, plus all the normal adult stuff, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. With my son, you DO NOT CHANGE the ROUTINE! Everything has to be done exactly the same way every time or it is a crisis. However, explain that to a 6 year old who wants every thing his way. Then add in the laundry (We do not have a dryer so have to use the laundry mat grr.), laundry is separated in my house. We have normal clothes, school clothes, play clothes, work clothes, plus towels, hand towels, wash clothes, and at least once a week per room, the bedding from each room. I hate laundry day I will say. DREAD laundry day. On top of all that, there are the errands. To the post office, store, doctor/therapist appointments... Boy I sure do need an energy boost.

When I received the offer to try Phix Energy I was delighted, especially since most energy drinks are full of stuff I don't want. They are so sweet I get a headache from them. The first Phix flavor I tried was the Tea Berry. It is delightful. At first, I mixed it in with the water and saw it was a redish color, so I expected that punch of sweetness as I sipped my first taste. However, I was totally incorrect! As the other 2 flavors, Citron & Tropical, it was a nice subtle taste, like a flavored water or something like that. I did not get that jittery feeling from the drink you would expect form an energy drink. I felt AWAKE & AWARE and ready for the day. That is the type of drink I want. Plus there was no crash later. I just gradually felt as though I was tiring out for the day as normal, just much later, I made it through the main parts of the day, which would be my goal. You can head over to Phix to see the ingredients and benefits of the energy drink.

I also had the chance to review the Sleep drink as well. I will say this had a nice taste, a calming taste. Of course, I am a tea drinker, I love Earl Gray Tea with breakfast, and I love my Chamomile Tea at night to help calm me for the night. The Phix really helped relax me, with out making me tired, if you see what I mean. It helped me get to sleep, however, I did noe become a narcoleptic as with sleep aids such as PM medications. I also woke refreshed and ready for my day, and a new Phix energy!

Buy it:
You can purchase Phix online at http://shop.phix.com/.

Phix is also running a 12 days of Phixmas! Get a deal every day through 12/23 on Phix.com - Just look for the Phixmas add!


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One lucky reader will win 2 boxes of Energy Variety from Phix!

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**Disclosure: I received Phix Natural Energy and Sleep drinks for review purposes. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


katklaw777 said...

Looks like an interesting product that I would like to try, thanks.

Jessica said...

Very Intrested to try.

Jessica said...


karenmed409 said...

I like that it is a natural solution for energy and sleep and they are gluten freen
karenmed409 at comcast dot net

karenmed409 said...

no entry box
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karenmed409 said...

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Stacey L said...

I would love to try the sleep aid

karenmed409 said...

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Cheeky Momma said...

I'd LOVE to give this product a try, coming into the New Year, I could use some energy!


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