Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ok, so I am a little late...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


So, it's a little late, but, Happy New Year. We started our year off right with my mom getting a triple bi-pass surgery and making it home alright! So now we just need to help change things for the better. She will be on a diet of course, need medications and etc... I am working on getting her some medical insurance since she didn't have any when this all started.

As for us, Zachary, Nevaeh and myself, we are happy to be getting back into routine with school, therapies, and other appointments. Now, the busy time is coming, all the 6 month appointments are coming in, dental, optical, re-evals for behavior and speech... Wow, this momma needs a break lol. I want to thank you all for sticking with me through good times and bad, last year was a struggle, my computers blew up, kiddos had so many appts, not having a car... You guys are wonderful with all the encouraging comments and emails I receive. Thank you all again. As soon as I am done helping the parents on their feet again, as they took care of me until I was an adult, now it is my turn to help them out :) whether they like it or not, I will hopefully be in contact with the Valentine's Day sponsors and getting ready to give away some great spring things!

My birthday is coming up January 14th. I am planning on seeing Disney's Beauty & The Beast 3D, MY FAV Disney Movie!!! The best part, we will be going free thanks to the Sunmaid sweepstakes, I won 2 free tickets to my local theater, and I called to confirm that this worked for the 3D film. So excited, who would have thought, on my 29th birthday I would be watching Beauty & The Beast... I will definitely fill you all in on it!

Thanks again everyone, here's to a great new year - 2012

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