Saturday, April 21, 2012

Children's Schedules & Unfortunate Events Take Over!

I just wanted to touch base with my wonderful readers. I have been so super busy lately, I bought a car finally, my daughter had another therapy added to her, my son started Tee-Ball, and I am completely run down and stressed. I was so excited to get a new(er)car, I bought a 2003 Sunfire for a real good deal, it drove great, I had it for 4 days, ran an errand to Walmart (only 2 miles from my house) and when my son and I came back out, it would not start. So my dad, who was a mechanic, came to check it out. He said the starter sounded funny. The guy who sold it to me also has access to a junk yard and auto parts. He gave me replacement starter since I had it such a short time and the least expensive one I could find, even used, was $189! Sweet, since he didn't have to do anything, the car was as is. Replaced the starter, did the same thing. My cousin came up from Pittsburgh, and took the engine cover off to find tons of pieces of metal, the timing chain had broken and obliterated all the components inside. Crying a river I took Nevaeh to therapy, as my cousin is so awesome and I have been using his truck, I came home to a message to call my dad. He talked to the man who sold me the car and he gave me the most wonderful deal to get it fixed. He is replacing the engine and all the timing components, and the mechanic is being so nice and staying after to fix it for me all I have to do is pay a couple hundred dollars. Where as if I had to take it somewhere to have all this work done, the parts and engine alone were over $1500! I am so blessed that this wonderful salesman is taking care of my car. Thanks so much Don Hovis! Hearing that news at least parted the dark clouds over me for a while anyways. I am just worried about getting my kiddos to their appointments and Zach's practices.

So aside from all that...we have just been so busy. I have some really cool stuff to share, and some great reviews and giveaways to get up, however, I am taking a well deserved NAP, lol. Take care everyone and as always thanks for reading and following!

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