Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pre-Order Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray Today!


In Season 5 episode 3, Morgan has been experiencing certain side effects from the Intersect. The beginning of this episode leaves Chuck wondering why on earth his oldest, closest friend had transformed into an obnoxious and petulant man. Have you ever experienced something similar with a close friend? Was there any explanation for their behavior, and how did things end up working out?

My best friend and I have known each other for almost 25 years now. There have been times when we have done this to one another in our friendship. I don't try to turn into a mean, ignorant, and belligerent person when I am in a relationship. I just hate hearing the inevitable (or the truth). My best friend has been correct about every relationship I have ever been in. I am usually more open to his relationships. However, I do tell him what I think from time to time. Not that I think we are trying to act different or become someone we aren't, just at that time period, we think we are happy and content, thus not wanting to hear the other with their negative thoughts about the situation. The main reason for our behavior is that we care for each other so much, and never want to see the other get hurt or anything bad happen to them. It just makes it kind of hard when the one person (next to your family) that you want to be happy for you, is, well...not. There are several instances in my life I wish I had listened to him, and not have been upset by the way he acted toward me. I mean, I know I had given him the same treatment at times. I am just happy that we are such good friends that we don't let those types of things come between our friendship. To me, that is the way to know you have a true friend, no matter what they are there for you, forever, in some way.

We can always tell when there is something wrong with the other also, if we are acting like jerks, there is obviously something wrong. I can't keep a darn thing from him, after all this time, he is sure to get it out of me one way or another. Him, however, not as easy. I know that he has not been himself lately. He is not the person I have known all these years. However, I also know some reasoning behind it, marriage troubles, finances etc...problems we all face but handle differently. To the same tune with me, I have been a little depressed lately with a terribly streak of bad luck, disagreements in my relationship, problems with my kids and their needs, and not even knowing what is going on he knows I am acting strangely. I love having a friend to be there when I need them! I am sure that Chuck is completely happy having Morgan back to their friendship.

Here is something neat on the NBC website, you can scan through a slide show of photos along with The Story of Season 5 to give you a hint of what was happening!

Here is a super cute video of The Story of Chuck and Sarah

Pre-Order your copy today HERE: http://bit.ly/HCQtVe

**Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Chuck.'

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