Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just at therapy with the foster girl...

I am just sitting here at our first real visit for our foster girl Trinity.  She still has about a half hour in her session,  so I figured I would just write up a post.

I am thinking,  they did such a wonderful job fixing up this building.  It used to look so run down.  My son used to come here for PCIT behavior therapy with me.

I have really been terribly emotional lately with all the things going on.  I think the thing that makes this so hard is that the kids are family.  They are my fiancée's sister's children.  Which then involves the rest of the family and they all want to put in their 2 cents.  However, they are the reason the kids were put in a foster care situation.  The reason all of these things are going on in their lives.  I am definitely not saying I am perfect, but my kids have all essentials for life, they have Ken & I to be there for them, to teach them, guide them, love them, to encourage, etc... Where as Trinity and Evan didn't have that support system.

Even though Evan is with his mom and dad now, I still miss him, and worry about him.  We did go to his birthday party over the weekend.  They have a nice little place and he is super happy, and you can tell he is cared for.  Maybe sometimes people have to mess up big time before they realize what they are losing.

Trinity is missing Evan so bad.  We have pictures, videos, drawings, etc. to help her along.  We are concentrating on school for her right now.   She is learning to write her name, the ABC's, how to count, colors, shapes, and not to mention all the daily living skills she has not learned.  She loves to learn, she is so excited to learn new things.  Especially after watching my kiddos, she understands these are things she should know and be doing.

I understand she is 6, and I can't change those lost years in the 7 months, but WOW!  She is doing amazing!  I have to look where we are - opposed to where she should be.

She is now doing things she could not do 7 months ago.  Dressing herself, putting on socks and shoes (& on the right feet), eating by herself, trying to bath herself, brush her own hair, coloring in the lines, writing her first name with a model, counting to 10, saying the entire alphabet...so many life skills and school skills she did not have.

I mean I just get depressed a little bit because our schedule is so full - a million appointments, bus times, meals for each child in a different schedule.  I know I'm a mom,  really I get it.  Just I moved into my dream house for my kids, they are at school all day and I should be working or blogging to keep up my end of the house, but only have 2.5 hours a day with no kids.   I spend that usually on the phone handling school, CYS, therapy appointments, planning shopping trips, etc...

Well times up! Anyone have comments, ideas, encouragement?  Please by all means let me know,  I am open to any and all suggestions.

**Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes only. No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.


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