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VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset Review & Giveaway! 9/23/13 (US ONLY)

**Disclosure: The VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech. All opinions are my own.

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Go! Go! Smart Wheels™ Airport Playset Information:

· Go! Go! Smart Wheels enhance one of the most popular play patterns while teaching important learning skills, boosting imaginative play through cause and effect, encouraging interactivity and providing an outlet for good old-fashioned role play.

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· The SmartPoint™airplane responds to the airport’s six SmartPoint locations with different phrases, music or fun sound effects.

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· It’s playtime with miles of learning! The airplane also teaches letters and sounds, while the airport strengthens fine motor skills and builds children’s imaginations through pretend play.

· The control tower antenna turns to “fly” the plane on cloud platform and the tracks can be reconfigured or connected to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (each sold separately) to encourage creativity.

· Ages 1-5 years, MSRP: $24.99

My review:

This would be the kind of playset I can see tons of parents purchasing as a Christmas or birthday present. This was amazingly easy to put together and take apart and rearrange into different variations of the track. My very favorite part about this toy, the stickers are already on the pieces! That is a huge time saver. I know my fiancee and I spend half the night Christmas eve putting things together and the tedious task of putting billions of stickers on toys, this playset really has been my favorite toy to put together over the years!

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It comes nicely packed, no hard packaging, the little Airplane was zip tied in but that was super easy to remove, cut the ties and they pulled right out! The airport part with the antenna was in the box in only 2 pieces, that snapped together easily. The rest of the pieces fit nicely into a plastic bag which was in a smaller cardboard box inside the display box. Everything fits nicely back in the boxes for easy storage, and my daughter is less likely to lose the pieces, and I didn't have to purchase a plastic container for this set!

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Then the real test came. Now, my daughter just turned 5, so she is at the limit of the age group on this toy, but I really wanted this for her sensory needs. These types of toys are great for her to get sensory input with. Plus she get her imaginative play with it also. We plan on purchasing the other vehicles and sets as well. This was a big hit with her. Here is a short video my fiancee and I made of her playing with it last night before bed. The first thing she played with this morning before school was the airport as well. She is kind of hard to understand with her speech disorders, but she said her favorite part is the airplane works on the track, which I am sure she means as you take it around the track, the different smart points tell the airplane to say new things for each one, and it plays some music on them as well.

The only problem I noticed with this set, sometimes the smart points don't register with the airplane...there are tiny buttons on the bottom of the plane that are pressed in different positions for each point telling the vehicle which point it is at for the function to match the check point. In the video my daughter made it through the whole track with it registering pretty much every time, however, the one that is hardest to register is the pad where the gas pump it. If the wheels are not perfectly in the space, it doesn't act like it is at the gas pump. So a younger child might have a little more trouble getting it right on, but also, on the other hand, younger children might not really pay attention to all that detail.

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Honestly, I can't wait to get the other vehicles to see how they work on the smart points. I will definitely post that update as soon as I locate some. I looked at a local store but they didn't have this line of VTech toys yet :(

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I am able to offer one lucky reader a Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset of their own! Please use the Prosimple widget below to enter.


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